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Gisela Stewart, Jikiden Reiki Shihan

Gisela Stewart

I discovered Reiki when, following the birth of our third child, a life-threatening infection made me rethink my priorities. I shelved my academic ambitions in order to have more time for my family and took Western Reiki to master level.

Through further training with Frank Arjava Petter, I discovered Tadao Yamaguchi, with whom I have studied the original Reiki healing system repeatedly from June 2006. In July 2009 I became Shihan, a fully qualified teacher of Jikiden Reiki trained by Tadao Yamaguchi.



Chiyoko Sensei and Amanda Jayne

Chiyoko Sensei and Amanda Jayne

As a voluntary part of my teacher training, I have also organised regular Jikiden Reiki seminars in Scotland with Amanda Jayne, who learnt Jikiden Reiki from Chiyoko Yamaguchi. She spent 4 years studying with the Yamaguchis in Japan and helping out with teaching seminars internationally. I first met her at a Jikiden Reiki seminar with Tadao Yamaguchi in Germany in 2006, and we have enjoyed working together ever since. Having prepared thoroughly for becoming a teacher in this way, I feel sure that I a have a good grasp of the conceptual framework in Jikiden Reiki and that I teach seminars in the same way as Tadao Yamaguchi does.



Jikiden Seminar in Duesseldorf 2006

With Jikiden Reiki I have found depth of understanding, authentic knowledge and a complete healing system preserved in its integrity.

I use Reiki on an everyday basis for my family and myself, as well as working with clients regularly.

I love Jikiden Reiki for its simplicity, for the quality of the conceptual framework offered and for the insight it gives into the cultural and spiritual background Reiki has grown from. It is a privilege to be able to pass on this beautiful and effective healing system.


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