“The Reiki you gave me has made the most amazing difference, both physically and mentally. On every level I feel ‘lighter’ in that I hadn’t realized how weighed down I felt until I didn’t. I feel very happy in a deep sense. Physically, and this is the most astonishing bit, my painful and stiff left hip has COMPLETELY gone.”

Physical Treatments

Jikiden Reiki can be used for minor illnesses suchs as coughs and colds, headaches and tummy bugs. Accelerating the natural healing process, it is also very effective for injuries such as cuts, grazes and bruises and even burns.

Acute problems such as infections frequently shift easily and quickly, and even long-term sufferers of chronic diseases often find some relief from their condition. In my 6 years of practice I have seen many conditions improve ranging from ear, bladder and other type of infections, irritable bowel, arthritis, asthma and emphysema, eczema, psoriasis, ME, frozen shoulders and sports injuries…the list could go on. Even spinal deformations have lastingly changed for the better with the help of Reiki.

For chronic or serious health conditions, we need to move away from the once-a-week therapy model, and my teachers, the Yamaguchis, frequently recommend that the sick person and a family member, or someone close to them, learn Reiki, so that they can receive daily treatments over a period of a few months.

” In my line of work, I frequently get cuts and thorns in my hands. As I treat them with Reiki for just a minute or two straight away, I’ve found I’ve had no infections, the bleeding stops quickly, and even deep cuts heal quickly and leave no scars.”
Samantha, landscape gardener

Psychological Treatment

Jikiden Reiki can also be used to deal with deeply ingrained mental/emotional patterns. The Sei Heki treatment method taught in Jikiden Reiki can be a wonderful tool for personal growth, and in my experience, has also been invaluable for conditions with a strong underlying psychological component or for problems caused by trauma. Find out more here. 

Preventative Healthcare

This is an another area where Reiki really comes into its own. Jikiden Reiki works by breaking down and aiding the body in eliminating the toxins that are underlying many health conditions. If we address the accumulations of toxins and unhelpful mental states that eventually result in disease at an early stage, we perhaps never need become ill at all.

The Benefits of learning Shin Shin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho: The Usui Reiki treatment method for the improvement of body and mind

Once trained in Reiki, this is a resource that you have for the rest of your life to use in whichever way you choose: to keep your batteries charged and enjoy life fully, to return to or maintain your own good health, to help out your family and  people close to you, or to become a professional practitioner, giving Reiki treatments to others.

Many people, including myself, find that Reiki has positively changed their life and the lives of those around them. I have become more grounded, much calmer and less easily fazed by anything. I see the funny side in a situation more often, and I am generally enjoying life much more. Many of my students have told me
that Reiki has transformed their health in their lives, too. In so many ways, Reiki is a wonderful tool for personal growth and a gift to anyone touched by it.

Find out more about what is taught in Jikiden Reiki courses

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