Cancer patients

” Reiki has greatly contributed to my emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing while facing a life threatening illness. I hope that I can use Reiki both to assure my continued good health and to help others.”

Sarah, in remission

Reiki is routinely used in oncology wards not only in the United States, but also in some major hospitals in Great Britain. I have personally supported both friends and clients on this very personal journey. While not always easy, accompanying people in this phase of their lives always feels like a huge privilege to me.

I have seen cancer patients make different choices with regard to their chosen therapies, and they have benefited from Reiki treatment in different ways. I do not in any way seek to influence the client’s decision as to which treatment to go with, knowing that Reiki will benefit them in one way or other.

Reiki and Chemotherapy

In my experience, those clients who have chosen chemotherapy and received Reiki treatment throughout this time, have shown less severe side effects than can normally be expected. Were they simply lucky? One day, perhaps, we will have sufficient empirical data to suggest that Reiki has a positive impact in this area.

In Jikiden Reiki we work on the premise that Reiki energy helps the body to break down and eliminate toxins. While always guided by byosen (the sensations in the practitioner’s hands that guide us to areas with accumulations of toxins), during chemotherapy we would normally focus treatment particularly on the kidneys and liver, to aid detoxification. We would also treat the thymus gland, to help keep the client’s immune system as active as possible. If a client chose not to undergo chemotherapy, we would normally give Reiki in the tumor area.

Reiki and Radiotherapy

I have worked with one client who has received radiotherapy as part of their cancer treatment. In this case, we have focused Reiki on the area where the tumor was located and where radiation was applied. Interestingly, any adverse reactions to radiotherapy in the main treatment area were very mild and improved quickly. However, we had not paid much attention to the periphery, where the client subsequently developed burns and showed intense discoloration of the skin. This has much improved once we realised that we needed to extend the area treated.

“I saw Gisela’s poster in our local chemist, and the phrase ‘Jikiden Reiki for natural healing’ leapt out at me. I had had a diagnosis of Malignant Melanoma, and although thankfully the cancer hadn’t spread to elswhere in my body, I knew that I needed to do everything I cold to strengthen my immune system and to protect my health. I thought that Jikiden Reiki would only do that, but in fact did much more; Gisela is a highly skilled professional with the utmost integrity and through her expertise, and, in time, training in using Jikdien Reiki myself, I came to realise that through this very subtle, safe and non-intrusive therapy, not only my physical health but my emotional health was strengthened and improved in ways I could never have anticipated.

Following training at both levels and with weekly therapy sessions from Gisela, I was able to minimise the side effects of Radiotherapy on the site of my melanoma. I know this as I had radiation burns on an area of skin exposed to radiotherapy that I had  not treated with Reiki, but none on the main area that I had used Reiki on.”                                                           Sandy

Support in emotionally challenging times

Invariably, experiencing cancer is also an emotionally hightened time, and this can afford the opportunity to see more clearly underlying emotional patterns, which can sometimes be released with the help of Reiki. Receiving treatment from a practitioner tends to help with fears and anxieties, and those cancer patients who also learn Reiki, discover a number of simple and helpful tools to attain a more peaceful state of mind.

In Chiyoko Yamaguchi’s experience, it is ideal when the person affected by cancer and someone very committed to them, such as a family member or partner can give Reiki on a daily basis. Following the Yamaguchis’ advice, I have taught Jikiden Reiki to friends and clients in this situation, who have found Reiki to be helpful.

“I first trained with Gisela in June 2008, after my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Her communication skills are excellent and her support, patience and sense of fun all helped us to face the challenges during that time with optimism and good grace.

Through treatments from her and with her, his health improved and he was able to sail through the chemotherapy, going to work as normal. After his operation, his recovery was so rapid that he returned from hospital in half the expected time and, the following year, he was well enough to travel across America. I believe that it was primarily through Gisela’s help that our quality of health and wellbeing, both physically and emotionally, were raised to the highest level.

When Ian finally passed away, it was with a sense of peace and inner calm. The spiritual aspect of Reiki strengthened the bond between us so that the joy of being together completely superseded any feelings of fear or distress that might normally be associated with such an experience.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Gisela as both teacher and health practitioner.”
Talitha Mackenzie