Treatments are available in Edinburgh and in Galashiels (Scottish Borders)

“Gisela, I just wanted to thank you for the lovely treatment last night. I slept better than I’ve done in months! Although I still feel some soreness in my back it is a huge improvement on yesterday, so thank you so much.”   Sharon Hamilton, Caerleebank read more testimonials

Jikiden Reiki treatment with GiselaWhat happens in a Reiki treatment?

A standard treatment normally lasts around 60 minutes, but may be given for up to 90 minutes per session if necessary. The practitioner places their hands on your fully clothed body. We normally start a treatment by giving Reiki to the head for quite a while, and then work in those areas that need Reiki the most. (Note, we do not follow a set of standard hand positions, as is practised in Western Reiki, but immediately go to the hot spots and stay there for as long as is needed). We’re trained to find these areas observing and interpreting the sensations we feel in our hands. In our experience, directing Reiki energy directly to those areas with high accumulations of toxins tends to get fast and effective results.

What will I feel?

Everyone’s experience of Reiki is unique. Most people find Reiki profoundly relaxing. This effect of inner calm often last long after the session is over. Occasionally, deeply held emotions may rise up, or physical symptoms may briefly get worse before they improve. This is a sign that the healing process is working. Usually, this process is very gentle and many clients feel positively energised after a Reiki session.

My treatment room at Tweed Chiropractic ClinicSimply Jikiden Reiki Treatment and Training Studio in Galashiels:

at Complete Health Borders 36 Gala Park, Galashiels

I am available for treatments  Galashiels on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and sometimes on Saturday. My SimplyJikidenStudio is located on the first floor above Tweed Chiropractic Clinic.

To make an appointment, please phone 01896 870277 or email

If I am unable to answer your call, I will normally call back the same day or evening whenever possible.

Also available  at Ladysmith Physiotherapy in Innerleithen,

Scottish Borders

Ladysmith Physio nr PeeblesSessions by appointment. Please phone 01896 870277

I also offer a monthly practice meeting for Reiki practitioners at Ladysmith Physio on the 1st Monday of the month. Contact me if interested.

Clinic in Edinburgh:

at EH1 Therapies

By appointment, usually on Mondays 11- 3 pm and Wednesdays .
Week-end appointments are also sometimes available.
Phone: 01896 870277

Reiki at Ladysmith PhysiotherapyTo make an appointment, please phone 01896 870277 or email
If I am unable to answer your call, I will normally call back the same day or evening whenever possible.

£40 per 1 hour treatment in the Scottish Borders
You can pre-purchase blocks of 3 sessions for £90
£45 in Edinburgh (taking into account my travelling time and Higher costs), You can pre-purchase Blocks of 3 Sessions for £120

For medium and long-term treatments & clients on low income I can work on a sliding scale as necessary.

I am also available for  treatments in your own home in Peeblesshire.

Cancellation policy:

I ask for 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. A no-show fee of £15 is applied for missed appointments.

“When things started to get on top of me a few months ago, I turned to Gisela for some much-needed back-up help. And what a revelation Jikiden Reiki turned out to be. Gisela is a very intuitive practitioner and also very down-to-earth.  You feel absolutely cared for and looked-after in a session with her. I came away from my last session with Gisela feeling happier than I had felt in months and I will be going back in the future for the odd ‘top-up’ session. It has also enhanced my meditation practice, and my work with my own clients, deepening the healing effect of the healing meditations I offer. I practise level 1 reiki for myself and find that that has also been enhanced, so that I feel deeper effects since having treatment from Gisela. I can only recommend Gisela’s excellent Jikiden Reiki treatments.”                                                           J.H.

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