Jikiden Reiki Courses in Scotland 2016

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In this video  Amanda Jayne explains what you will learn in a Jikiden Reiki course.

Shoden level:

At the first level of Jikiden Reiki you will receive 3 Reiju (attunements) and learn how to use Reiki to treat any physical condition, disease or injury.
The content of the 2-day workshop includes:

• What Reiki is and how it works in conjunction with the body’s natural healing systems
• How to give Reiki treatments in professional & domestic situations
• The history of Reiki and the meaning and background to the Japanese characters, terms and 1 symbol
• How to detect and treat areas with high concentrations of toxins (the concept of byosen)
• First aid techniques using koki, gyoshi & bushu
• The Blood Rejuvenation technique (Ketsueki Kokan)
• Exercises to practise and develop your sensitivity (Hatsurei Ho)
• Practice giving Reiki treatments

cost: £195

Okuden level

At Okuden level, you learn psychological & distance healing. You will also gain a deeper understanding of Reiki, learn 2 more symbols and their essential background, and receive 2 further Reiju.

The psychological healing method (Sei Heki Chiryo) provides an effective way to help you through difficult times or issues, e.g.fears, stress, anxiety, phobias, worry, anger, depression, addiction, eating disorders, severe trauma…
Generally, the more long-term the issue, the longer it takes to resolve. Some positive effects can usually be felt from the outset.

cost: £230

Please also check out our national web-site for further information on how to become a Jikiden Reiki teacher (Shihan Kaku and Shihan): (Look up Further Study in the Training section). Shihan Kaku training will be available again in Edinburgh this year for existing Jikiden Reiki students who meet strict requirements.

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