Tadao Yamaguchi 2016

Are you interested in complementary healthcare and natural healing? Join the Jikiden Reiki seminars with Tadao Yamaguchi in Edinburgh 2016:


Do you instinctively already know that, given the right circumstances, the human body (and mind), when under challenge,  knows how to return to health, and is perfectly equipped to do so?

Would you like to avoid the side effects of drug based medicine when possible, instead looking for an effective way of tapping into this amazing innate healing ability?
Boost recovery from everyday illnesses, physical injuries, and even offer support for chronic conditions and serious health issues…

As well as reducing stress and anxiety levels and offering simple and effective tools to attain more balance and ease in your life.

Perhaps you practice an established healing modality such as chiropractic, massage, reflexology or naturopathic medicine and are interested in simple, effective tools to expand your skills set?

You can also use Jikiden Reiki for self-care, to prevent burn-out and regain or retain your zest for life!

In November, you have the opportunity to learn authentic Japanese Reiki directly from a teacher considered by many the leading authority on Japanese Reiki today.

During the 4-day seminar with Tadao Yamaguchi you will:

  • learn everything you need to know to give effective Reiki treatments with confidence
  • discover a quality conceptual framework for understanding how Reiki energy interacts with the dis-eased body and accelerates the body’s own natural healing ability
  • learn to use Reiki to help the body heal from injuries faster, relieve pain and aid recovery from acute or chronic illness
  • access  a clear framework for physical and mental/emotional healing
  • gain insight into the fascinating history of Reiki and the culture and traditions underpinning the practice
  • receive ‘reiju’: the original, unaltered method used by Mikao Usui, the founder of the practice, to enable anyone to bring sufficient levels of energy through their body to help themselves and others heal
  • connect with Reiki in a direct lineage from the founder Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi, Chiyoko Yamaguchi, Tadao Yamaguchi to you
  • find out about Reiki as it was originally taught in Japan: a down-to-earth, clear, simple and effective hand-healing method that anyone can learn how to practice
  • meet like-minded people, make new friendships for life and gain access to a worldwide support network of Jikiden Reiki practitioners and teachers dedicated to keeping the practice pure, simple and accessible


    Jikiden Reiki will give you an effective and completely natural way of improving your own body and mind, confidence in the practice and in yourself as a practitioner.


    Learn from a teacher who has a life-time experience with Reiki and who is passionate about bringing the practice into healthcare as well as ordinary people’s lives:

    “Reiki is not something that we want you to think of as special. It is something that everybody can do that is part of daily life.”    ~ TADAO YAMAGUCHI, Head of the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto, Japan

    Tadao Yamaguchi

    • Mr Yamaguchi grew up with Reiki from before birth, receiving his mother’s Reiki throughout childhood and joining her for treatments and training courses in adulthood
    • He is  passionate about spreading Reiki in original Japanese form and works tirelessly to support his students in many countries around the world.
    • His mother, Chiyoko Yamaguchi, learned directly from one of the original teachers, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi (a medical doctor and Captain in the Japanese Navy). Together, Tadao  and his mother founded the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto in 2000 in order to give those searching for the roots of the practice access to authentic Japanese Reiki.
    If you would like to know more about Mr Yamaguchi’s family’s involvement with Reiki and their extensive treatment experience over many years, read my interview with Tadao Yamaguchi here. 


    Tadao Yamaguchi teaching in Edinburgh


    Feedback from previous trainings:

    What drew me to Jikiden Reiki was the simplicity of the method passed on unchanged from the original teachings, the quality of the theoretical concepts and the Yamaguchis’ experience in successfully treating people year after year.”       ~ Amanda Jayne

    Jikiden Reiki offers a useful approach for conditions that are notoriously difficult to treat in medicine.”    ~ Jenny Verrinder, paediatric nurse and healthvisitor

    Wonderful, thorough, clear, transparent teachings.”   ~ Sian Kater”

    It struck me how accessible and ‘everyday’ Tadao Yamaguchi made Jikiden Reiki feel. With stories of how his mother, Chiyoko Yamaguchi, gave healing to all members of the family when he was a small boy, he illustrated how Reiki was essentially the natural First Aid.” ~ Ruth Hinks

    I was fizzing with Reiki. Thank you Mr Yamaguchi.”   ~ Anne Lorne Gillies

    The Jikiden Reiki seminar I attended in Edinbugh was up there among the best experiences of my life and I am 67 years old. Tadao Yamaguchi is the most wonderful teacher and healer, and a very humble and unassuming person. It is no overstatement to say that Jikiden Reiki has changed the way I live my life.”    ~     Anne Robinson

    Thoughts on learning Jikiden Reiki with Tadao Yamaguchi

    How training with Tadao Yamaguchi helped Ruth to tap into her natural healing ability

    Hand Healing? Are you serious?


    Join the 2016 training in Edinburgh

    Edinburgh: 4th – 7th November 2016

    Contact: Gisela Stewart, gisela@simplyjikidenreiki.co.uk, 01896 870277

    Booking is now open!


    Shoden: £230 Okuden: £280 Shihan Kaku: £650 Shihan: £550
    Note: The fees for training with Yamaguchi sensei are slightly higher than with other Jikiden Reiki teachers because of his costs in coming over from Japan.

    Teacher training

    is only available to candidates who have completed their Jikiden Reiki training and meet a number of strict criteria and requirements, including sufficient treatment experience (120 hours on 40 different clients). There is no fast-track to becoming a fully qualified Jikiden Reiki teacher.


    Jikiden Reiki is Reiki from its birthplace Japan: simple, effective and authentic, unaltered by Western New Age influences. You now have the opportunity to learn Japanese Reiki right here in Scotland!

     Contact Gisela Stewart to book your place.



What makes Jikiden Reiki training special?

Practical, treatment focused training, allowing unique insight into the cultural and spiritual roots of Reiki practice.

Simple, practical healthcare tools to support yourself and others. Ongoing local support from teachers to help develop skills and confidence.

Suitable for complete beginners and experienced Reiki practitioners.

The Jikiden Reiki curriculum is likely as close as it is possible to get today to how the founder of the practice, Mikao Usui, taught.

Original Reiki, nothing added nothing changed. Passed on in its original integrity.

A global supportive community of practitioners.

Students are accredited by the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto, Japan.


Contact: Gisela Stewart, gisela@simplyjikidenreiki.co.uk, 01896 870277

Book your place now


1 thought on “Tadao Yamaguchi 2016

  1. Hi Gisela I am back from Cherry blossom Japan. My father was not so well and I was so sad to leave. Anyway would you please keep my place for Tadao sensei’s seminar. Thank you and see you soon. mariko

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