What others say about receiving Reiki treatments

“I would like to say thank you for the Reiki you gave me. It has made the most amazing difference, both physically and mentally. On every level I feel lighter. I feel very happy in a deep sense. Physically, and this is the most astonishing bit, my painful and stiff left hip has COMPLETELY gone. So this is to say how grateful I am, and also how interested I am in what you did and how you did it.” V.M. Edinburgh

“Gisela is a wonderful Reiki practitioner. She is a warm and friendly person and the whole experience of receiving Reiki form her was wonderful and amazing from start to finish. She is very intuitive and experienced giving Reiki. The treatment is a very relaxing and peaceful experience overall and I found great benefit with two different problems, which Gisela treated over 2 or 3 sessions. The first was some emotional issues, which I found after Reiki resolved very quickly. The second was a painful shoulder, which again, after receiving Reiki was markedly improved. My shoulder has been so much better, it’s great! After each treatment, I felt wonderful – very relaxed, but energised at the same time. I would recommend Reiki and especially Gisela wholeheartedly.” Mrs A. Jardine, Galashiels


“I am still amazed by the intensity of the feeling I had. I feel I have a little of myself back. I cannot thank you enough.” L.D.


“Thank you so much for the wonderful treatment yesterday. You have very powerful hands. I feel wonderfully relaxed.” Meryl

“I had a sore head for weeks [frequent severe headaches, GS]. After four treatments from Mrs Stewart I have never been back and I am like a new person.”  Sheila Hall, Walkerburn


“I saw the doctor about my Achilles tendon and he said it would take 3 months to improve. After two Reiki treatments from Mrs Stewart it was better in two weeks!”
Bettty McMillan, Walkerburn


About learning Jikiden Reiki

“This really surprised me: I’ve reiki-ed my lymph glands at the top of my thighs most nights as I fell asleep. After a matter of weeks, I have much greater movement in my hips, more suppleness in that region in general (my yoga has improved!) and less trouble with pins and needles in my legs when I sit still for too long.” Samantha, landscape gardener

“Thank you for bringing your Jikiden Reiki to us here in Shetland, I will never forget this very special week-end and what you have shared with us, I think you are particularly talented in the way you so lovingly teach with so much passion for this wonderful healing therapy, Jikiden Reiki. I don’t think I can just say Reiki again, I want to say Jikiden Reiki.”
Hilda Irvine, Lerwick

“I feel great after the weekend of Reiki, shoulders are feeling good, and upper leg muscles (which have given me a lot of problems over the last few years) are better than they have been in a long time. I thank you again for all the loving information you passed on to us, and will use it in the manner it was passed on, with love and respect for our teachers!” Leesie Robertson, Shetland (often in a lot of pain from fibromyalgia)


“I enjoyed receiving the Reiki, but also the feeling that you are helping someone else and can feel different sensations. I thought it was very well planned and flowed well. There is a lot to take in, but the notes etc are very clear and detailed. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would defintely do it again.Thank you!”
R.B., Strassbourg


“Gisela provided a great deal of information, which was easily absorbed thanks to her close attention to detail and whether each student had fully understood the concepts she was explaining. The energy Gisela invested in each student resulted in an experience similar to one-to-one personal training. I felt confident in working with Jikiden Reiki after the weekend even though prior to that time I had known nothing about it.”
Fiona McBride,Clydebank


“I have previously learnt and practised Reiki for 4 years and found the course to be excellent. It explained clearly all the elements in Western Reiki that did not make sense to me. Gisela was clear, concise and comprehensive in her teaching.”
Marc Dunnett, Edinburgh (Western Reiki Master)


“I repeated Shoden level with Amanda Jayne after taking this level first with Gisela – it was great to see and hear that
both courses followed the same format – the difference between
the two teachers were their own personal experiences and how they related these to the class.” Maureen Wallace, Inverness

“I have experienced Gisela’s teaching of Jikiden Reiki as being clear,competent and informed. In my experience she goes through the theory of Jikiden Reiki with thoroughness, commitment and enthusiasm whilst also bringing in pertinent anecdotal descriptions, which enhance and bring to life the theory very well. I have also enjoyed and appreciated Gisela’s many personal qualities which permeate her teaching.These include her humour,warmth,compassion,sincerity,authenticity and commitment to individuals and Jikiden Reiki.
I have experienced her as an excellent teacher and practitioner.I am very happy to give my recommendation for any further training-she is a wonderful asset in the world for Jikiden Reiki and to people who may benefit from this.” Georgie


“Gisela, you are wonderful teacher. I loved your sense of fun, your easy manner and very flexible way of being in the moment and going with the flow. Also your enthusiasm, partnered with your sharing of that wonderful knowledge. You shine like the little star that you are! The course was inspirational… a lovely mixture of theory & practical.” H.H., Cumbria